Simply Radishing

I’m a huge fan of vegetables. I like to eat them, I love to grow them and a good number of my summer Instagram posts are of my leafy pals.
This radish accompanies a floret of broccoli, a pepper and a carrot – among others – on the card I created for Nourish Market in Lynn Valley Plaza. I love working with small, local businesses. ¬†They’ve been such willing guinea pigs, as I hone my salesmanship and learn about the feng shui of presenting my work in public. There’s a lot more to selling cards than the price on the label or what’s in the picture. Where is the carousel or display rack? What is the effect of putting cards next to flowers? How close are they to the door? How high up are they? These are all important questions; the answers have a tremendous impact on the quantity and frequency of card sales.
I’ve also been impressed with the values of todays’ customers. Buyers are more interested than ever in who made the card, where it was printed, whether it’s handmade and what it’s printed on. I am pleased to say that my cards are all designed, created and printed in North Vancouver. I usually collect my orders when I’m already in the neighbourhood on other errands, so regardless of the company’s carbon footprint, my own is very small. It also helps that I work on a small scale; original squares measure only 3.5″ – as a result, my packages of card stock last for many months, which helps to keep my car journeys to a minimum. The post office is walking distance to my house and greeting cards are mailed in plain brown envelopes. All of my packaging can be recycled.