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Community Love

10:00am Saturday morning found me at Loutet Farm in North Vancouver  – this time with my lovely associate, Alex.  The farm – home to the Edible Garden Project – hosts these farm markets once a month throughout the summer.

I approached the day with trepidation, having heard that it was going to be 30 degrees. But thanks to the market hosts, we spent the day in the shade of a fabulous ten-foot square tent, enjoying the occasional breeze.  And needless to say, the fresh vegetables, baked goods, candles and handmade chopping blocks were all first-class. I felt privileged to be sharing my work with these artisans and farmers.

The market was small – no more than six stalls – which made for a great atmosphere. Shoppers and stallholders greeted each other with hugs and first names, while we had a blast meeting our neighbours (and eating their wares — chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and mouthwatering Syrian pastries. You HAVE to try these!). Even better, I got a great education about Eid from the neighbours. Colours, themes, images… all wonderful inspiration for a new design for cards celebrating Muslim holidays (this made my day, by the way; on top of the sales, the fabulous weather and a morning hanging with my pal, the prospect of creating more art for the community just about makes my heart sing!).

Business was hectic, so we didn’t have time to pause for photos at the beginning; here’s one of our later customers, choosing designs with her wee granddaughter. It just tickles me to see elders handing over the reins to the little ones.

As you’d expect, tractors, flowers, butterflies and vegetables were hits. In fact, we sold so much that I’ll need to schedule another print run in time for the next market. I’m also excited to be bringing more framed squares, giclée prints and home wares to my stall.

Come on down on July 29 and give your local artisans and farmers some love!

REMINDER: All Nifty Scissors customers are invited to enter a draw for a FREE dinner-under-the stars, in beautiful Edgemont Village. The food will be home-grown (and copious!) and the company spectacular. The chickens will be noisy but respectful 🙂

See you soon!

Shula & Alex

FARM DATES: 10:00am-12:00pm
July 29
August 26
September 23
October 28