Scissors are my pencils and my paintbrushes. I make many cuts without sketching first. My scissors move with my thoughts. As I work, they dance around and through the paper, allowing me to create crisp, vibrant, quirky designs. With my nifty scissors, I can find colour and balance on a drab or chaotic day and delight in all the energy, whimsy and unpredictable beauty that is life in the Pacific Northwest.

I began working on paper collage in 2012, inspired by our two year-old’s passion for trucks. After drawing about two hundred of them, I cut some vehicles out of colored card and framed them, thinking that was the end of it. If I hadn’t posted a photo of it in Facebook, it might have been. Pretty soon, I got a message asking for a print of the framed piece. Then came butterflies, pirates, marine life and ladybugs…

I never did manage to hang our son’s art for him. He carried it with him all day, talking to it with whatever words he had just learned. To him, it wasn’t static wall décor but a daily companion. This taught me the importance of art to young children: art that feels personal; art that stimulates language development; art that motivates inspires them.

Nifty Scissors branding came in 2016. By then, Marine Life had found an audience among adults and won an award in a local art contest. One element of it flew above a marina in Ladner, BC, as street flags. Other pieces had shipped to buyers across North America and internationally. Nifty Scissors cards were being carried by numerous local retailers.

This summer, 2017, you’ll find me at farm markets around Greater Vancouver. I’ll post regular updates on Instagram and hope to see you there!

Shula Klinger, PhD