Order Cards

Tropical Fish AP020

2017 Catalogue

Thank you for your interest in Nifty Scissors! You can download the new catalogue here, or see it in page-turning format at issuu.com, here.

How to order

Please email Nifty Scissors with the subject line, New Order.  You’ll be sent an order form which asks for: company name (or your name); address and telephone number; contact name; product code and quantity of each item being ordered.

IMPORTANT: If you do not provided the required information, there is a risk that your inquiry will be treated as a scam. 

Once complete, you can return your order form as a scanned image or PDF.

On receipt of your order, Nifty Scissors will send you an invoice via Square. Again, if you are not able to pay a secure, third-party service like Square or PayPal, Nifty Scissors will assume that your inquiry is a scam. What can we say… it’s been an interesting year 🙂

As soon as payment is made, you’ll receive an estimated shipping date, within 10 working days.

You’ll hear from us again, to confirm that your package has shipped.

Should you have any questions or concerns about your order, please don’t hesitate to contact Nifty Scissors directly.