New Commissions

If you don’t see what you’re looking for in my catalogue, we can work together to create a new piece for your family or business.

To help you decide if this is the route for you, here’s a look at the process:

Step One

  1. Let’s talk about a theme for your piece. What is your topic? What does your business need; or, what does your child care about?
  2. Where is the art going to go? Parents should feel free to share photos of your child’s play area or bedroom, so that we can choose colours that match curtains, paint, or other furnishings.
  3. I work with paper cut-outs that are then scanned and printed. Poster format is 3×4 squares, to fit an Ikea RIBBA poster frame. Greeting cards are 4×6″ with white envelopes.
  4. If you prefer a different format, let me know. We can also work to a square frame with 9 different images, or even a triptych of three squares in their own frames. Greeting cards transfer easily to 5×7.”
  5. Pricing: this depends on whether you are purchasing an original, a single print or a specific quantity of greeting cards. Once your cards have gone to print, you are welcome to order more in future runs.

Photo credit: Kathy Thomas. The green wall will accommodate the framed pictures shown above.

Step Two


  1. First stage of prep work: (a) research (b) pen and ink sketches for the 12 squares of the new poster.
  2. Colour scheme: what colour is your child’s room? What colour are the furnishings? What kind of look are you going for?
  3. Discuss and sign off on the colour palette, which will look something like this:

Step Three


  1. I pull out my work box and disappear (2 weeks).
  2. I re-surface with two or three complete squares, which I’ll scan and send to you.
  3. Once the squares are signed off, I will complete the rest of the piece and send you a photograph of the final artwork (2-3 weeks).

Step Four

  1. Sign off on the final artwork
  2. Art is shipped to the print studio
  3. You receive the finished work within one week.
  4. Delivery, framing and hanging at home.
    Tip: why not paint the mat with a new colour? Ikea supplies a white mat which looks great dressed in blue, orange or green acrylic paint. I’d be happy to paint the mat for you 🙂
  5. Watch your child talk to/ yell / point at / sing songs to the poster/ use it as a teaching aid for a younger sibling 🙂

Enjoy the finished result!