Who’s your mama?

Artist with eponymous scissors.

When you’re looking for the perfect Mothers’ Day card, you can’t move without tripping over the colour pink, big red¬†hearts and a whack of flowers (I just did a Google image search, so I’m not making this up, I promise! I reached a count of 42 before finding a card that didn’t meet one of these criteria, at least).

That’s why none of the cards recommended by Nifty Scissors include any blooms and if there are hearts on ’em, they are carried by pigs and monkeys. Oh, and robots. Nothing says “thank you, mom,” like a lovestruck robot, in my view.

So if you’re roaming through¬†my nifty catalogue this weekend and need a card in a hurry, North Van peeps are welcome to pick up the goods from HQ (Lynn Valley). I’m also pleased to announce that we now have an upper Edgemont location, which promises “cards for literally any location.” Thank you, Alexandra!

Come on over and enjoy your Facebook Mom Group discount!

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