Nifty News!

Following the adjudication of over 300 entries, Nifty Scissors has been selected for Best in Show, at the National Stationery Show in New York! This means that my work will showcased in a special display outside the show floor. It will also be eligible for one of five new product awards.

While I simmer quietly, trying to keep the grin off my face (in public, anyway!) here is an excerpt from my contest entry.

Nifty Scissors designs have been described as vibrant and whimsical. That they are, for sure. They’re also a little weird, which my friends will tell you makes them a perfect match for the woman wielding the scissors. I’ll admit, my outlook is a little quirky. Pigs fly, robots fall in love and owls celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah on the same card. Birthdays are welcomed with awkwardly shaped gifts and babies with purple monkeys. I even have a card that recognizes the most pressing conundrum in men’s grooming today: Hipster or Hassid?

Nifty Scissors celebrates all that is intelligent, heartfelt, brilliant, tender, ludicrous, loving, peculiar and downright silly.

Why? Because LIFE.


Nifty Scissors

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