Air Time

On Tuesday, May 2, I stopped by my favourite radio station, Roundhouse Radio 98.3FM to update Strong & Sharp on my show news. It’s always a pleasure to talk about my art on the air, even if it only feels slightly less absurd than doing a jigsaw puzzle on a radio show 🙂

This time, my colleagues surprised me with Facebook Live, which was a hoot. While the camera captured our conversation and allowed me to show off my hand-made work, we talked about how my company got its name, why the National Stationery Show is so important, and – well, inevitably – scissors.

I love radio with a passion. Listening to it, writing for it, making it. This visit was particularly special. Not only has the station played host to my guerrilla art shows over the last two years, the staff have been tremendously supportive of my art. Minelle Mahtani’s searching questions (Sense of Place) have helped me to refine my artist’s statement; our conversations were a great opportunity to speak about my work, with an audience.

So I am writing this with gratitude and a growing sense of excitement, as I write my last to-do list. After that I’ll be ironing, packing and homeschool mom-ing for the last few days. Next stop: New York City.

Listen to my segment here.
Pictured: The original art of Marine Life. This piece generated the content of items AP013 and AP014 on page 5 of my catalogue.

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