Lifting Your Spirits

Need a little lift?

This piece is new in this season (Spring 2017). It was inspired by a family visit to Luckett’s Vineyard in Nova Scotia last year. It was a beautiful day and the sun was gleaming off the bright red paint of Pete Luckett’s English phone box. After a delicious lunch, our kids played hide-and-seek between the grapevines…. It felt like a day for celebrating: the start of a long trip with many flights and more adventures. On the journey to Scotland a few days later, I sketched the prep for this piece, which stayed with me as I toasted the family in Glasgow. Just looking at these flighty vessels make me happy, happy, happy. I hope they have that effect on you!

Beard and Wonderful

I’ll be launching this piece at the National Stationery Show in New York (Javits Center May 21-24).

This came from a hilarious exchange with a friend, who happens to be a Hassidic rabbi. Since then, I’ve had quite a few conversations with men about their beards. Whether Sikh or Muslim, Christian, Jew or Agnostic, there is no doubt that the beard is an extremely powerful motif, no matter which community or faith we belong to. Beards simply ARE a lifestyle; the market for beard grooming products is exploding worldwide, along with associated garments, new slang, and a heap of hairy attitude!