You can fly!

This square – which you will also see on my business cards – was designed for a woman paraglider based on Vancouver Island. This is a woman who finds herself distracted on her drive home from work, because the weather is clear and the sun is shining. She gets home a good deal later than expected, having leapt off a cliff and flown a decent way across greater Victoria before dinner.

I was thrilled to receive a commission from this remarkable athlete. I have never flown myself, and I have that in common with almost all of the people who have purchased this card since it came out. All of us, surely, have had dreams of flying. Isn’t it a universal desire?

I once overheard a woman asking about greeting cards in a local store. She was disappointed to hear that the store didn’t sell them, as she didn’t want to buy something mass produced or corny. I approached her, cautiously asking if I might help. As it happened, I still had a trunk full of art after a recent show. She said she would like to see my cards, so I dashed off and came back with a few samples.

It turned out that this woman needed a card for a very particular purpose. She had been dating a man for four months and had recently realized that she was falling in love with him. It was time, she said, to let him know. I suggested my ladybug design because these little creatures are associated with love in some cultures. She liked it but said no, it wasn’t quite right. That’s when we hit on the flying card. What better way to suggest the risk she was about to take, leaping into the unknown, declaring her love for her man?

I think of her every time I sell one of these cards. I was so touched by her willingness to share her story and came away convinced that whoever this fellow is, he is very lucky.

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