Strong As A Mother


Monday was a little surprising. Being the genius I am, I managed to miss all the seismic warnings (say… photo shoots and interviews?), so by 2:00pm large cracks had appeared in my consciousness. Down I had toppled, falling, falling, falling, down and still, way down into the silo marked, STUFF THAT HAPPENS TO OTHER PEOPLE.

#strongasamotherclub (go ahead, copy and paste it!) is the brainchild of Tamara Komuniecki, veteran journalist and proprietor of Delish General Store at Granville Island, Vancouver. As well as marketing the beautifully soft, locally printed t-shirts bearing the now-famous slogan,  the SAAM website is something between a gathering place, a celebration and a database of really good people with wonderful stories. So you can see how touched I was to be included in such illustrious company. In addition to which, on Monday morning, I got up to a flurry of Instagram activity and the priceless comment in Facebook, “I am so freakin’ proud of you, babe!” I tell you… there’s nothing like a badass, vampire-fixated librarian for offering charming yet succinct feedback.

I wore my new STRONG AS A MOTHER tank to the beach this week. Kitsilano, where all the beautiful young people hang out and show off their beauty. Of course, this beauty had two grumpy kids and was carrying a camera, car keys, phone, three pairs of shoes and assorted clothing. Also, my pockets were so full of seashells that my pants were falling down, but hey! I felt like Tank Girl. I felt like Linda Hamilton in Terminator! Did I feel like nerdly? No, I did not. I felt gnarly. I felt almost as cool as my two handsome, brown-eyed little men. Heck, I felt STRONG AS A MOTHER. I may be tired, lumpy and distracted – I don’t even know how to use Snapchat, but darn it! I’m cool.

And yes, I’m Strong as a mother. And about that stuff that happens to other people: what silo? What stuff? I don’t even remember.

Did I mention that I LOVE my new shirt? I’ve shown you mine. Now let’s see yours!

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  1. ❤️!! Congrats Shula! You are Strong as a mother and so much more. Looking forward to your NYC posts!

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