Penguin Guinea Pig

Busy times! I’ve been adding to the catalogue every few days: a float plane design to boost the Pacific Northwest series, more flowers and a foray into the Antarctic.


These little chaps were surprisingly difficult. After cutting out a baby penguin in black and adding his tummy in grey, I realized that I would have to cut in (rather than build up) the contrasting colour. I set the experiment – let’s call him Guinea Pig – aside and took out a whole sheet of icy blue card stock.

I sketched a whole colony of penguins onto that icy blue sheet and cut out everything that should be black, ie. the caps of the penguins, their wings, backs, tails and feet. I used a little artistic licence to maintain the integrity of my sheet of card. This allowed me to keep that single page intact without having to insert the grey face masks afterwards. As well as keeping things practical, this approach gives the piece a feeling of fluidity and unity; I wanted to show how the colony, while made up of thousands of individuals, moves and lives as a single body, with a common purpose.

These birds were a real treat to make, and a lot simpler than their big brother, Guinea Pig. The smooth, swooping lines made me think of their graceful movements through the icy waters of the Antarctic. I could not do this without my nifty swivel blade, which acts like an extension of my own finger. I like to picture magical sparks emanating from my fingertips as I make curling, dancing, swooping movements over and through the paper.

But all these lofty imaginings aside, and in spite of their fierce feet and hunting habits, penguins are incredibly cute. I just love them.

18 thoughts on “Penguin Guinea Pig”

  1. Stunning ! I love the contrast between the “fully formed” penguins and the “extras”. It really does convey the sense of community and some of those guys are really conveying their personalities. Love it.

  2. I adore these – their simplicity is beguiling as I know you must have sweated over these. Sam still has his Marine Life poster on his wall (which i framed in a grey Ikea frame) and I love looking at it everytime I come into his bedroom. PS Ever thought of doing a Vlog on how you work? I’d love to see one on something like these penguins as I can’t work out how you did it!

    1. Funnily enough, yes! I am looking at pulling some clips together, so you can all see what the scissors get up to between blog posts. ie. when nobody is watching 😉

  3. There is so much beauty and imagination in this it’s stunning!! To say I love it just isn’t enough it’s GREAT!! and so are so many things you’ve done but this? This tops it all!!

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