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After following the same template for months – one image per square, on a single theme – I have finally broken loose. In the style of a triptych x 2, I’ve started working on scenes that cover all six squares. Having built up the whole image, including everything – as here – from the soil to sunshine, I cut the piece up.

“Doesn’t that hurt?” I hear you ask. Why yes, it does. Just a little 🙂

In another post, I’ll tell you about my journey with the monarch butterflies. That was a toughie. Careful sketches followed by painstaking, detailed cutting, followed by more careful cutting, refining, delicate glue-ing, and then: CHOP. Cutting through layers and layers of work in one slice. At first I felt as though I was dropping an executioner’s axe, but the feeling passed.

Having sliced the image into six pieces, they are neatly stitched back together with a strip of open air between them. It is both peaceful to look at and challenging, as my eyes move from each square to its neighbour, as the butterflies flit up, up, left and right, dancing into the pale blue sky, on their inconceivably long, but absolutely necessary journey.

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