How it all began

I make art with cut paper, glue and a bunch of nifty cutting tools. My designs are based on a template of six squares, carrying subjects on the same theme, or as a larger version of a triptych (where one image is spread across six squares).  After being scribbled, snipped and stuck down at home, scanned images of my art go to a local press where they make magic with acid-free paper. I’ve always been a bit of a square, so the format suits me.

It all started with diggers, when our two year-old discovered construction equipment. After drawing 473 front-loaders, skid steers and face shovels, I stuck 12 vehicles in a frame and thought that was the end of it.

If I hadn’t posted a photo of it on Facebook, it might have been. The diggers were followed by sailboats, owls and numerous other designs.

My work has shipped across Canada and to buyers in England, the USA and France. It has been described by buyers as “vibrant, whimsical and full of humour,” and by her family as “all those teeny tiny bits of paper on the dining table.”